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Love without Attachment

We often confuse attachment with love. We feel this is how it should be – that the more you love someone, the more attached you become. But the true love is free, unconfined, and unlimited. It flows, it expands and it moves. It can never be attached to anything. How to let go of attachment?…

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Being “The Other Woman”

Last month brought a lot of uncomfortable questions and forced me to re-evaluate some of my beliefs. I always felt that you can be truly in love with only one person. That if you fully open your heart, there is simply no space for anyone else. That when you’re in love, you stop noticing other…

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What Makes A Woman Irresistible? We Asked 100 Men And Here is What They Said

I asked 100 men from all around the world one question: What, do you think, makes a woman irresistible. And here is what they had to say: For me it’s a combination of Confidence and Honesty. When am woman is truly living honestly with her self and others, and doing it in a confident way,…

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5 Relationship Traps The Mindful Person Doesn’t Fall For

Relationships are not complicated. We make them complicated. Instead of doing the hard self-work necessary to be happy on our own, we choose to believe that relationships require magic ingredients. These are five things we tend to perpetuate as relationship “fact” that erode our chances of finding long-term partnership. 1. “Fighting is healthy.” Think about why fights happen.…

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12 things we don’t say often enough

I strongly believe that small things can make big changes. Sometimes, it takes only these few words to put a smile on another person’s face. If we all said these 12 things more often, we would all be happier and at peace. 1. “I love you” There is a beautiful poem by a Polish priest…

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Brave Belle: What I learnt from my divorce

What I learnt from my divorce

Some days ago I met my colleague, with whom I met last time more than three years ago. We had a business meeting together and then after it was finished she came to me asking to talk privately. She said: Elena, I have a very personal question to you… Hope you can share an answer…

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The pain you’re feeling after the break up is probably the worst thing ever. But it also opens the door to something so much better.

My recent break up has been the most painful experience of my life. I went through depression and even hurt myself physically. Since then I’ve read tons of books on relationships and self-love. I tried various healing practices. Slowly, I started emerging out of it, feeling more positive and in control of my life. Despite…

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Brave Belle: The pain of a break up

The pain of a break up

When you are the one who still has feelings… The one who hasn’t moved on… while he started dating somebody new. This is the story of that pain. As I write this, tears are dripping down my cheeks… I’m 28. Last year I met an amazing guy. I fell in love. It was the first…

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Why you should stop expecting your relationship to “work out”

The time since my break-up has been probably the most intense lesson on life, love and myself. I travelled deep inside my heart to understand what I truly want. To understand what love is. And how come in 28 years of my life I never truly allowed it in my life. I became aware of…

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“I felt nothing…”

Through all my life I had problems with men… from “outside” I always looked as going out and having fun with boys, but inside I was always feeling deep sadness and loneliness… I was always waiting for someone who can bring me joy and happiness.. who will save me from daily routine.. who will take…

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