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Become A Heroine In Your Own Story

Our culture has many examples of heroes. They are brave, strong, courageous, and ready to make sacrifices for the greater good. They are winners. The hero always gets a girl. And a castle. Actually, they usually get both. The kind of a man who becomes a hero is admired. All representatives of the “ugly half”…

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How pregnancy turned me into the unstoppable woman

I was always the kind of woman who’d put away the thought of becoming a mother to some unknown moment in the future. I was always one of those women with bold dreams, hunger to change the world and do something bigger in life. Motherhood never seemed a part of that big plan. In fact, it was…

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6 Practices For Beautiful And Healthy Breasts

A woman’s breasts are not only beautiful, they are a pure representation of a woman’s feminine energy and her power. While men pierce the world with the penis, we pierce the world with our breasts. We should all walk tall with our chest lifted feeling confident and proud of our breasts. Breasts are connected to…

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How to Feel More Feminine and More Sexy

Women are the most beautiful creatures on this planet. They have a gift of the femininity which makes them soft, loving, beautiful and warm. A woman is a nature’s true gift to everybody. Unfortunately, over the last years we started hiding our feminine side. We took on a lot of masculine positions and traits, trying…

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