A few words about the person behind Brave Belle - Magda Kay

Magda Kay is an international life coach, healer and trainer.

She spent last 4 years between India, Malaysia, Bali, Nepal and Thailand, studying traditional philosophies and spiritual practices. Her studies and experience include Crystal Healing, Tibetan singing bowls therapy, Charka clearing, Chanting, Yoga, Theta Healing®, Taoism, Ayurveda, Tapping and Tantra.

She is a certified Theta Healer® (THInK - Theta Healing Institute Of Knowledge) and a Tantra yoga teacher (200HR Yoga Alliance® USA at Shri Kali Ashram).

Magda combines her deep knowledge of healing and personal growth with strong business background. She is a Business & Marketing graduate, and worked for such leading companies as Procter&Gamble, Luxottica (owner of Ray Ban, SunglassHut, and many more), and Mindvalley. Currently, she runs her own online marketing business.

Magda specializes in applied psychology and human behavior. On top of her work as a spiritual teacher, she runs a popular blog Psychology for Marketers, where she shares tips on marketing, business and psychology. She is known as an expert in persuasion (check out her free online training on persuading others HERE>>).

Magda considers helping others thru healing and training her life purpose.

A few years back she was struggling with depression and fighting suicidal thoughts. She hit the rock bottom desperate for anything that would end her pain. This is when she discovered Theta Healing that literally saved her life.

She embarked on a journey of personal growth and spirituality. She tried many techniques which allowed her to create the system that works for her - and now she is sharing it with You.

BraveBelle was created as a consequence. It is a place for all the women, who like Magda, felt lost and confused. This is to remind every single woman out there about her strength and beauty.

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