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Body Blessing

Heal the relationship with your body, fall in love with every part of it and find true self-acceptance with one of my favorite techniques: Body Blessing. This is one of my personal favorite techniques. I’ve used this technique many times over the years to help me find deep love and acceptance towards my body.The cool…

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Why I don’t wear Underwear

Yes you read it right! I do not wear underwear. And while this may seem shocking, there is a good reason why. In fact, many reasons. There is so many practices helping women with their health, their sexuality and their confidence and they all can be met by simply not wearing underwear! Watch the full…

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Rules Of Seduction

I used to be very shy around men. I didn’t know how to flirt. Whenever I went out, I would end up feeling somewhat awkward and left behind (especially that my best friend was the queen of seduction). So I took it as a challenge to learn how to flirt. I figured it can’t be…

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What Makes A Woman Irresistible? We Asked 100 Men And Here is What They Said

I asked 100 men from all around the world one question: What, do you think, makes a woman irresistible. And here is what they had to say: For me it’s a combination of Confidence and Honesty. When am woman is truly living honestly with her self and others, and doing it in a confident way,…

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6 Things I Do Before I Start Working

We are so used to rushing out of bed, going quickly thru all the necessary activities to get ready and storm out of our house to get to work on time. There, you grab a quick coffee (and we’re talking instant coffee most of the time cause that’s all you can find in the office) and…

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Become A Heroine In Your Own Story

Our culture has many examples of heroes. They are brave, strong, courageous, and ready to make sacrifices for the greater good. They are winners. The hero always gets a girl. And a castle. Actually, they usually get both. The kind of a man who becomes a hero is admired. All representatives of the “ugly half”…

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10 Morning Rituals For Best Day Ever

10 Morning Rituals For The Most Amazing Day

How you start your morning sets the tone for your whole day. Do you start it in tune with your heart, connected to your body and in line with your life purpose? Or do you drag getting out of bed, quickly grab a coffee to have energy, start checking your emails and rush to work? My…

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6 Practices For Beautiful And Healthy Breasts

A woman’s breasts are not only beautiful, they are a pure representation of a woman’s feminine energy and her power. While men pierce the world with the penis, we pierce the world with our breasts. We should all walk tall with our chest lifted feeling confident and proud of our breasts. Breasts are connected to…

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How to create a home spa

Turn Your Home Into A Private Spa

How to enjoy all the benefits of SPA in the coziness of your own home I’ve been treating myself to a home spa every Sunday for the last 7 years. It’s one of my favorite times of the week. I take care of my body, I relax, I connect to my heart. Ever time I…

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8 essential oils you should always keep in handy

With the fast development of technologies, cities and economies, we sometimes forget that we are part of nature. And it’s in nature that we can find what we need to stay healthy and naturally beautifully. In fact, our strong move away from nature (which is perceived as a progress) takes a huge toll on our…

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