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Do not ignore these 7 RED FLAGS!

Who else here is guilty of ignoring the red flags, because the chemistry was so strong, and…. ending up in a big emotional mess?The initial phase of dating is exciting, and because of this we often move so fast we don’t get to notice signs that this may not be a good partner for us.…

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Why do I keep falling for the same kind of men?

Do you find yourself attracted to the same type of men over and over again? Have you ever wondered how come your new partner resembles your ex so much? There is a pattern in who we find attractive. In this article I want to help you understand your pattern, and if you choose to –…

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The Many Self-Destructive Ways We Ask For Love

“We all want to be loved. Some of us have simply a bad way of asking for it” – Sonia Choquette Ultimately, we all want to be loved. This is our primal need and desire, without which we simply cannot survive. Our whole lives are designed around that need. We go to extremes to feel…

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Brave Belle: What I learnt from my divorce

What I learnt from my divorce

Some days ago I met my colleague, with whom I met last time more than three years ago. We had a business meeting together and then after it was finished she came to me asking to talk privately. She said: Elena, I have a very personal question to you… Hope you can share an answer…

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The pain you’re feeling after the break up is probably the worst thing ever. But it also opens the door to something so much better.

My recent break up has been the most painful experience of my life. I went through depression and even hurt myself physically. Since then I’ve read tons of books on relationships and self-love. I tried various healing practices. Slowly, I started emerging out of it, feeling more positive and in control of my life. Despite…

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Brave Belle: The pain of a break up

The pain of a break up

When you are the one who still has feelings… The one who hasn’t moved on… while he started dating somebody new. This is the story of that pain. As I write this, tears are dripping down my cheeks… I’m 28. Last year I met an amazing guy. I fell in love. It was the first…

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“I felt nothing…”

Through all my life I had problems with men… from “outside” I always looked as going out and having fun with boys, but inside I was always feeling deep sadness and loneliness… I was always waiting for someone who can bring me joy and happiness.. who will save me from daily routine.. who will take…

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“This, too, will pass”

I recently read “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. I’ve been meaning to read it for long, but somehow just never got around doing it. Right after my break up, however, I felt pulled to it. Funny, how some things are just waiting for us to be ready for them. I loved the book. A…

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How To Forgive If You Don’t Want To

Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as revenge, with an increased ability to wish the offender well. -> American Psychological Association. Forgiveness: A Sampling of Research Results.”. If you’re looking for inner peace, than…

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