My First Experience With Energy Clearing

A few weeks back I broke up with my boyfriend. Initially I was feeling ok, but soon it turned into the worst time of my life. I hit a severe depression. I had to take time off from work, and all I did was simply lying in my bad, crying, not able to eat or move. Day after day…

But today I write you from a very different place.

I still miss him. I still haven’t fully let go. But thoughts of him don’t break me like they used to. They don’t cause panic attacks or negative thoughts. I can now proudly say that I have overcome depression.

How? This is what I want to share with you today…

* * *

Things started getting better. I came back to work and finally could focus on what I had to do. I started going out and seeing friends. But there was still pain. And deep inside, despite feeling better and slowly getting excited about the future, I was still unhappy. My negative thoughts were not screaming at me, but they were still there, just waiting for the right moment to attack. And occasionally I would still burst into tears feeling unloved and worthless. The disease was still in me.

I reached out in many different directions for help. I was desperate and willing to try anything – anything to take the pain away, to take away suicidal thoughts.

I’ve heard of energy clearing before. And I wanted to do it from the very beginning. I could feel I was carrying a lot of pain, and I needed to relieve it. I felt like I was trying to rebuild myself, while deep inside I was rotten. I first needed to clear that dirt.

This is how I came across this one lady. Before I went to see her, I was told that I need to be ready. Really ready. Because she will uncover deepest pains in me, and I need to be ready to hear them.

Well, guess what. I already knew of all the negative thoughts. I kept hearing them day after day after day for weeks. I knew I didn’t love myself. I knew I was worthless. I knew I wasn’t pretty. I knew I didn’t deserve good. And I already experienced so much pain. I knew I could do it. I knew I was ready. I wasn’t afraid of the pain. I was excited about finally letting go of my negative beliefs and free myself.

I felt quite alright right before the session, but after her first question, “What can I do for you?” I burst into tears. The pain was still there.

I slowly regained control of my voice and started sharing my story. She just listened.

Then she explained to me a few concepts, which I was already familiar with, but I never really tried on my own: law of attraction and muscle testing.

Law Of Attraction

According to this law, we attract what we are and what we mostly think of. So if you believe that nobody loves you, and if you don’t love yourself (like in my case), than you’ll be attracting people to your life who will not love you. What you feel is what you get.
So according to this law, if you want love, you need to first feel the love in you. If you want money, you need to first feel you deserve it and even start acting as you already had it! And if you want health, you need to first start thinking of yourself, and acting, like a healthy person.

I knew for long, that the reason why I attracted a man who didn’t love me is because I didn’t love myself. And as long as I don’t learn to do it, I will never attract true love. That was my challenge.

Here is a bit more about what Law of Attraction is and here is how to use it.

Muscle testing

If you haven’t heard of this before, you might be a bit sceptical (but there is actually a scientific proof for it).
See, our bodies know before our brain does. It’s been even tested by psychologists (check this experiment here), that the body will start feeling stress when it feels the situation is dangerous before you consciously start perceiving it this way.
In similar way, your body reacts differently to truth and lies. When you say something that is true to you, your body will hold tight. But if you say something that you believe to be a lie, your body will let go and soften.

This is what she did with me. She asked me to hold my 2 fingers together. Then she tried to separate them. She told me to try and hold them very tightly together all the time. A few times, when she could feel that my body was weak and I wasn’t able to hold it, she asked me to drink water which brings energy and strength to your body.
And then she tried to separate my fingers while I said “yes”. And the fingers would hold tightly together! And then she tried to separate my fingers while I said “no” – and the fingers let go. I wasn’t the one doing it. I just couldn’t hold my fingers together.
I know it feels unbelievable but if you ever try it with a professional energy healer, you’ll experience it on your own.

In this way she helped me identity my limiting beliefs. She simply tested which of them felt true to me and which didn’t. All by asking my body, rather than my consciousness. After all, our thought patterns and limiting beliefs come from our subconscious minds, so they can’t be revealed through logical conversation.

Some of them, I knew already. I wasn’t surprised when my fingers immediately let go when she asked me if I love myself. I knew I didn’t. But others came as a surprise…

I don’t know what love is – This one hit me deeply. I looked at my life thinking that I never experienced true love. Never. Not with my parents, not with my boyfriend. It made me feel really bad and tears came back.

But then she asked me:
Would you like to know what it feels like to love yourself?
– Yes – I replied
– Would you like to know what love feels like and be able to recognise it in others?
– Yes – I replied again

And something magical happened. She asked me a few questions like this and then she muscle tested me again. And this time when I said “I love myself”, I held my fingers tightly together!

I couldn’t believe it. Just like that, in few minutes, she took away my deepest limiting belief. A big smile showed on my face.

One by one, she helped me uncover, and then overcome, my limiting beliefs.

And minute by minute I started feeling lighter. It’s as a big heavy piece of rock was lifted from my chest and I could finally open up and take a full breath in. For the first time since the break up I also felt my heart whole. I felt it was in one piece and strong.

That’s not all.

I felt happy. Honestly happy. Like at my best times in life. Only that I didn’t really do anything, she simply cleared my energy.

For the first time, also, I looked at my boyfriend and our relationship in a positive light. I felt it was a beautiful story and I was grateful that I got to experience it. All the bad disappeared. And only the good remained to be remembered.

I did have a little urge to reach out to him. But I know I need to let him go. We were not good together. It wasn’t real love. As long as I didn’t love myself I attracted people who were not capable of loving me. Not because they were bad, simply because I didn’t let them. And no matter how much they would try, I would never feel loved as long as I didn’t love myself.

For the first time I truly wished him all the best and I hope he will find peace and happiness. He deserves love just like I do. And I can’t wait for both of us to experience it.

When I entered the session I didn’t feel ready to meet anybody. But after the session I did. I felt the excitement of a man who will truly love me, and love me for who I am, to come my way. I’m now open to meet him.

And funnily enough… I was waiting for a taxi to go home. The moment I got in the car, the driver told me I have a beautiful smile. He said he stopped to pick me up because of that smile. Oh Law Of Attraction, aren’t you amazing? :)

Next day after the session…

You might be wondering how did I feel later after the session. Well, to be honest, the effects wore off a bit.
I did not feel that happiness anymore. I was also not as thankful for the relationship. And I started missing him again. Seeing him in a warm positive light made me wish he was still a part of my life.
One thing, however, is that all the negative thoughts seemed to be gone. This is what really caused my depression, and now I didn’t feel them.
A bit of fear was still there. I was scared that out of the blue they were going to come back and crash me again. For now, though, they seemed to be gone.

… A week after the session

Over a week after a session, I still feel good. My negative thoughts are gone and I haven’t had a panic attack nor the crying burst since. I slowly learn to enjoy the moment. I’m still healing and I still need time and work. But I can feel that the effects of the energy clearing session were not just a one-day hype. They are real and they have changed me. I look back at myself during the days of depression and I almost can’t recognise that person. I can’t understand anymore how a break up and another person could make me believe that I’m worthless. If he did something that hurt me, it doesn’t mean I am bad and undeserving. He cannot decide on my worth. Only I can. And so now I stand strongly on my feet looking into the future with a smile. It’s such an uplifting feeling.

 Would I recommend it?


What we don’t realize is that about 90% of our lives is controlled by our subconscious. This is were all the limiting and negative beliefs reside. You can feel that there is something in you trying to control you. And you want to get rid of it. But without help of a professional energy healer, you most likely won’t be able to.

I did my session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can check details here. Please, feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the session.
In the US I can recommend a few people, as well, but be ready to pay much more (around $300-400/ session).

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