Have You Become A ‘Too-Conscious’ Couple?


Most of the relationships serve the ego’s needs. People expect them to provide them safety, love and anything else they don’t know how to give themselves. Truth is, most relationships are totally unconscious and full of projections.
So this whole movement of conscious relating is amazing, and very much needed. We need to develop skills to communicate from the heart, own our stories, and continuously challenge ourselves to grow.
But this can be overdone. In fact, there seems to be a fine line between a conscious couple and… a too-conscious couple. When you overdo it, you go back into a trap of projection and blame, but your ego has managed to convince you that you’re being highly spiritual. This is why it’s so important to keep checking in where you truly are. I hope this video will help you make sure to stay within the conscious relating and become more aware of how we can sometimes use all those beautiful tools to manipulate our partner.


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