How pregnancy turned me into the unstoppable woman

I was always the kind of woman who’d put away the thought of becoming a mother to some unknown moment in the future. I was always one of those women with bold dreams, hunger to change the world and do something bigger in life. Motherhood never seemed a part of that big plan. In fact, it was never even an option.

Things changed when in 2013 I got married to the man I loved. Still full of new creative ideas and plans, I found out I was pregnant. I was 29.

You might fairly say that’s pretty normal. When you marry a man you love, you’re suppose to have kids. Yeah. Makes sense.

However, it was still a shock for me. I remember all the thoughts running thru my head the day i held the positive pregnancy test in my hands. I thought to myself: “This is it. My life is over. I can forget about all the things I wanted to do”.

Where was that blissful feeling of absolute awe, described in the books?! I remember how guilt slowly started crawling inside of me, whispering: “Come on, you are supposed to be happy. You are pregnant, it’s a blessing, many people dream of it. What’s wrong with you?!”. All these thoughts left me with string emotions and fears I couldn’t share with anyone until today.

As the time passed, I kind of put up with the inevitability of this situation and started getting used to the fact that a new life was being born inside of me.
However, as long as my belly grew bigger, the bigger became the fear of uncertainty inside of me. I was asking myself: “Will I be able to handle it ? Will I be a good mother ? What will happen to MY LIFE? “.

That’s when I decided that my personal life is officially going to be over after next few months, so I thought: “What the heck. Let me just do all the things I still have time doing before I was going to dive deep into what was this scary thing being a mother.”

And so this is what happened in the next 7 months:

1. In just 1 month, I was able to pull off and organize an international project (and I was already 7 month pregnant!).

2. I started my own company (which I’ve been thinking of before, but I feared it too much till now).

3. I participated in plenty of awesome international events and learning experiences.

4. I finally got to visit Bali, one of my dream destinations.

5. I have met and worked hand in hand with incredible individuals such as Lisa Nichols, Laura Silva, and many more.

5. My energy level was never that high.

6. I was doing yoga, exercise and meditation daily.

7. I was pretty much balanced in all areas of my life/

To my surprise, pregnancy didn’t bring any physical discomfort to me whatsoever. Because I made a decision to feet like I was still the same old me, it reduced the worrying to almost zero.

What seemed like the end of my life turned out to be one of the biggest blessings in terms of my personal growth and transformation.

Here is why. Looking back and reflecting on what has happened, I can say that the fear of uncertainty was that necessary trigger to make me feel fearless. You can compare it to when you know you have only certain time left to live due to an illness and you start going through your bucket list and fulfil your wildest dreams. In some way, I did feel my life was going to end…

I refused to apply a new role of a pregnant woman and instead I chose to be old me with just a slightly bigger belly.  And I tricked my mind and my ego into believing it. Now I see that the fear of becoming a mother was the fuel for my ego to do all the great things it always wanted me to do.

I knew I had only limited time to do all the big things I planned and I had no time to overanalyze or second guess myself. I was just doing that shit.

And I felt great. I felt alive. I felt fulfilled and fearless. I lived my full potential.

I created and I adopted a few new rules in life and business that helped me succeed.

Here is the top 10 I’d like to share with you:

1. Don’t take first few “NOs” for an answer, cause your “YES” could be just around the corner.

2. Don’t bring too much meaning to the situations, events or how people behave, because in most cases it has nothing to do with you at all. Stay focused on what’s really important instead.

3. Be radical! Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, put in 100% of your efforts! Act like there is no other option, but success.

4. Difficult situations and people are given us as teachers so we can learn our lessons to help our soul evolve.

5. Learn to say NO to things that do not serve you anymore. Move on.

6. Always find time to be on your own with yourself, to reflect and be in the moment. It means enjoying the present moment on your own without any company around you: be it swimming in the pool, smelling the flowers, observing the nature. The secret is that this small practice gives you extra energy boost. It helps cultivate more gratitude, happiness and be in the flow with the universe!

7. In business, do not rush into partnerships with people you hardly know and give your 100% trust without knowing for sure that you can. Make sure you are on the same page in life with your potential partner and have similar goals for this project.

8. The best investment is investment that helps you become a better version of yourself. This leads to becoming a more conscious person who takes better decisions that lead to better results .

9. Give yourself a credit for what you’ve achieved. It’s very critical. Make sure you celebrate your wins.  It boosts your self-worth and it helps you go to the next level feeling 100% fulfilled.

10. Everything is possible. When you trust the life and its’ laws. Learn how to.


Diana Jussupova

Diana Jussupova

Diana is one enthusiastic cross-boarder  entrepreneur constantly willing to co-create and connect with others by promoting ideas and knowledge worth sharing, a coach of creating extraordinary & harmonious living, a creative whose head is a melting pot of awesome ideas, a personal growth junkie, who never stops learning and experimenting with life, an experienced yogi and traveller, a loving wife and a mom of one cute boy.
During the winter season you most likely may find Her in a paradise location hosting retreats or organizing magical weddings. Diana truly believes that life is a joyous celebration full of endless learning.

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