How To Get Over A Guy You Never Dated

Have you ever been in a relationship, and went through all the challenges, but.. that relationship didn’t actually happen outside of your head?

I’ve been there. more than once. I fell for a guy, and I went through all the phases only that I went through them all by myself! Because the guy and I, we never dated.

But just because we didn’t get together in real life, didn’t mean it was easy to let him go. When you get stuck on someone, you do end up going through a series of attachments. Letting go a man you never dated can be just as hard (and maybe even harder) than a man you did date.

Watch this video to discover tools to help you through this process. I’ve been there, even recently, darling. I know how much it can hurt.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Which tip did you like the most? Do you have your own tricks for such situations?


Your Brave Belle

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