Is it OK to desire others when you’re in a relationship?

Desire…we all feel it, have experienced it..but when is it not ok?
Is it ok to desire others when we are in relationship? Or do you feel an overwhelming sense of guilt?

We are sexual creatures, its NORMAL to feel desire, we are not designed to focus our desire all on one person. Our sex centre moves in many directions. Maybe we are attracted to peoples energies, what they represent, can we explore it instead of automatically shutting it down?

Ask ourselves WHY we feel this desire, learn to understand it…

Do you let the feeling of guilt break up your relationship? Watch this video to learn more!

If you and your partner would like to dive deeper into this you can join me on my intimate and exclusive retreat in Ibiza in May 2020 for 5 couples only. This retreat is limited to 5 couples only is to create a safe and confidential space to help every person drop into their vulnerability, their deeply held desires and open up.

Check out some of the amazing photos of our location.
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