Love without Attachment


We often confuse attachment with love. We feel this is how it should be – that the more you love someone, the more attached you become. But the true love is free, unconfined, and unlimited. It flows, it expands and it moves. It can never be attached to anything.

How to let go of attachment? How to build a strong, intimate connection with another person without creating cords with them?

I just recently went through such experience. I met an amazing man, and my heart was opening to him more and more, but I also noticed I started creating attachment. And I didn’t like it, because I knew that was not my heart – that was my ego.

So I did this little exercise to let go of the attachment. Watch this video to learn the technique and try it with me:

I hope this technique will help you now and in the future to detach, so you can love freely and openly.

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