Manipulation & Abuse In A Relationship

“Ultimately, we all want to be loved. Some of us have simply a really bad way of asking for it” – Sonia Choquette

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We don’t know what love is. We confuse it with romantic love, falling in love and romance. So we enter a relationship desperate for love, believing that this is the source of what we so much desire. And when we find the person who now gives us what we want, we will do what we can to keep them next to us.

We all manipulate our partners. Whether it’s by looking sexy for them, or supporting them through challenges. You may think you do all these nice things because you love them. And while partially this indeed may be true, the deep reason, the one hidden in your subconscious mind, is that you are willing to do anything so they don’t leave you. Because very deep inside you carry your old wounds and fears. And even if you’re done a lot of personal growth work, some of this pain is still inside you.

Abuse is a form of that manipulation. And if we look at it as such, we can understand it better, and we can help stop it. Because no one is intrinsically bad. No one is a monster. Abuser are human beings, who just like  you and me want to be loved, and just like you and me engage in the co-manipulation. But they choose physicality and psychological pressure to keep their partner.

What if we could teach people the tools to get their partner to stay that are loving and caring? Could that help stop the abuse?

What do you think about manipulation? Do you agree? How do you manipulate your partner? Share your comments below.

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