My experience with the Pill

This weeks video is a slightly controversial one and I want to say that in no way am I telling you that the pill is wrong or you should come off it, this is just my story and how my personal experience shaped MY view on the Pill. 

So…firstly what do we know about the pill? 

It was first introduced to the US in 1960, for menstrual disorders, by 1966 it was legal for Married Women only and by the 70’s it was widespread. 

When it first came out, women saw it as a huge feminist movement, a way of freedom, freedom of their bodies. In fact it was an early suffragist, who footed the bill for consideration, she considered it as a precondition to Women’s freedom….

A little fun fact: as we know one of the side effects of taking the pill was bigger breasts because of the higher hormones in the early pills. From 1969 -1969, sales of the C- cup rose 50%!! 

By the late 70’s, new evidence was coming out about side effects of the pill, what taking these hormones were doing to the female body…and many women, feminists turned against this form of contraception. So what started out a sense of freedom, was now seen to be doing the exact opposite and actually taking women further away from their connection to their bodies and divine feminine…..

A little fun fact: it was tried out on men! Researchers tested a male form of the pill of men and guess what happened? The men developed shrunken testicles and crazy mood swings (this can and STILL happens some women). So its safe to say the male pill was discontinued! 


So now we have some facts….what was my experience with the Pill? Did it work for me? Why did I come off it? Watch my video to find out…

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