Needs, Relationships and a “Broken Bucket” syndrome

We have needs. And unless we fulfill them, we won’t feel happy and satisfied in life.

It’s only normal that our intimate relationships are our main source for meeting those needs. We want our partner to make us feel loved, important and cared. We expect them to do it.

Most teachers say you can’t expect that from your partner. Well, I disagree. I think it’s absolutely ok to expect it. When you are in a relationship, you take on a certain responsibility. For example, if I was married and had a child, I would definitely expect my husband to get home after work, and if he had something else to do, I would expect him to let me know. I don’t think I have to tell him this, or that I need to ask him if that’s ok. Because a relationship implies certain unspoken rules.

I do believe that it is our partner’s job to help us feel loved. Or help us feel beautiful and desired. If my partner didn’t care I had these needs, I would not want to be with him.

But there is one thing that changes the whole game. It’s the “broken bucket”.

What is it? And how does it jeopardize your relationship? Watch the video below to find out:


Which of your needs is your broken bucket? Share in the comments below:


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