The Dark Side of Sexuality and The Four Elements.

We have four elements in our bodies: Earth, Fire, Water and Air and these are presented in our sexuality. All of them are needed however often Earth and Fire are repressed due to their intense nature.

Water and air are very gentle, soft and romantic, and can be seen as more spiritual sexualities. They are shown through romantic movies and draw people to believe that this is how they should be expressing their sexuality.

Earth and Fire are powerful, wild, raw and sometimes seen as scary. Together they show passion and animalistic sexuality often shown through porn and therefore people think this type of sexuality is bad or negative and try to repress it. Statistically, fire+earth constitutes 50% of the population so this whole motion is leaving half of the sexually active population… sexually frustrated.

Tantra and spiritual sexuality makes space for all four sexualities. Watch this video on how to learn to embrace all four elements in your sexuality.

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