The Many Self-Destructive Ways We Ask For Love

“We all want to be loved. Some of us have simply a bad way of asking for it”

– Sonia Choquette

Ultimately, we all want to be loved. This is our primal need and desire, without which we simply cannot survive. Our whole lives are designed around that need. We go to extremes to feel loved and accepted. Yet most often we don’t ask for it in a kind and honest way. Instead, we engage in self-destructive behaviors that instead of bringing us love, bring pain and suffering.

It is time we become aware of our own patters and whether they serve us.

So darling, how do you ask for love? What is your pattern?

I recorded this video to share with you my pattern, which caused me a broken foot. And I hope this will help you bring awareness to yours and start shifting them towards more empowering ways. Enjoy!


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