The way we JUDGE the other gender


There is something I LOOOOVE about this community. I no longer hear people blindly projecting on others. I no longer hear anyone using generalizations.

The last man who told me “all women complain” got so triggered when I challenged this belief, he unfollowed my page. And it’s good, because I love interacting with people who have a high sense of awareness. We don’t buy into collective judgements that easily.

And yet… on a very deep level we still carry judgements about the other gender. They may never even show themselves to the conscious mind, but they are still influencing our behavior.

They influence who we attract…
…how we treat our partner…
… and ultimate – how happy we are in our intimate relationships.

Maybe it’s not possible to remove ALL of them. But I think life is a constant progress and we can always do our best to be more and more free.

If you are not 200% happy with your romantic and sexual life, watch this video:

What judgements have you discovers? Share below:

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