17 Ways Coconut Oil Helps You Maintain Your Natural Beauty

I remember reading about this superfood a few years back. It was claimed to be the best oil for cooking. Only that a few years ago there was no way to find a coconut oil in Poland (where I lived). So it just remained an interesting fact I’ve heard of. It all changed when I moved to Asia. To my surprise I discovered that coconut oil is very popular here. I was so excited to finally start using it in my kitchen. And even more once I learnt of all the other uses of coconut oil. Right now I always have a bottle in my kitchen, and… another one on my make up table. The best part of using coconut oil is that it’s packed with healthy fats and nutrients, and it’s all natural. What we don’t realize is that the cosmetics we use are packed with chemicals that are actually bad for us. Everything you put on your skin, goes into your body. It enters your blood system and every cell. So switching to more natural and body-friendly options is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Here are 17 ways how you can use coconut oil for beauty & health:

1. Body lotion

After a shower or bath, apply coconut oil all over your body to moisturise it. Just a bit is enough. You want to leave it for a few minutes to be absorbed by your skin. Another benefit of applying coconut oil on your skin is protection from sun damage. A little precaution: depending on your skin, it might take longer for the oil to be fully absorbed. In my case, for example, it can even take over 30 minutes, and even then I’ll have a thin layer left anyways. I realized that if I put my clothes on, they will get dirty with a little bit oil that is left on my skin. So I always make sure not to wear any light colors after using the oil, or even better – do it over the weekend when I can stay home.

2. Body scrub

I love mixing salt with oil for a body scrub. Salt is perfect for revitalising your body and clearing your aura and body from stagnant energy. Oil, on the other hand, nourishes and moisturises your skin. After using oil for the scrub, you no longer need to apply any body lotions (nor use the oil again). Just make sure you gently dry your skin without rubbing it with a towel, so that the thin layer of oil stays on.

3. Face cream

Coconut oil is also perfect for moisturising your face. After washing your face apply a little bit of oil. Leave the oil for about 15 minutes to get absorbed by your skin, and then wipe off any oil that remained with a warm towel. A little precaution: When I started using coconut oil daily, my skin became pretty greasy and I would get pimples. This is because my skin is quite grease to begin with. This is what I do instead now: once a week I scrub my face, apply a mask and then use coconut oil as a moisturiser. I do it over the weekend before going to bed so I can wash it all off in the morning.

4. Toner

You can also use coconut oil to replace your face toner. Simply apply a little bit of oil on a cotton and use it to clear your face. A thin layer of oil that will stay on will moisturise your skin so you don’t need to use any face creams. However, if you do prefer to use your face cream, then just gently wipe the oil off your face with a warm towel.

5. Anti-aging eye cream

With coconut oil you can also stop buying those expensive eye creams. Since the skin around eyes has almost no fat, using oil is perfect for keeping it healthy and elastic (and prevent wrinkles). Coconut oil also encourages the production of collagen, which is a crucial ingredient for healthy and smooth skin.

6. Eye make up remover

This is my favorite way to use coconut oil. I haven’t bought a make up remover in over 2 years. Simply apply some oil on a cotton and use it to remove any make up from your eyes. If it’s the first time for you using it, it might feel a bit funny to have oil on your eyes, but trust me – you’ll get used to it fast. In fact, I love the feeling now (comparing to the itchiness I would feel in the past when using traditional make-up removers). As a side benefit, coconut oil is perfect as eye cream.

7. Oil pulling for healthy teeth

This is my second favorite way to use coconut oil. For oil pulling, you want to take about 1-2 tablespoons of oil into the mouth and then swish for 30 minutes. Once done, spit the oil out (don’t swallow, it’s full of bacteria!). Then, just wash your mouth with warm water. Some people replace brushing their teeth altogether and just use oil pulling, others use it before brushing. In Ayurveda it is advised to use oil pulling before brushing your teeth and before eating or drinking anything in the morning. For me, I would usually just use oil pulling, unless I ate something sweet – then I like to brush my teeth.

8. Hair conditioner

You can use coconut oil instead of your traditional hair conditioners. After washing your hair, dry it a bit with a towel, and then apply oil. If your hair is dry, you can apply it all over the hair (including scalp) and leave it for the night. Make sure to wash it in the morning (you might need to wash your hair twice to remove the oil). Another way is to apply just a little bit of oil on washed hair and leave it there. This is great for frizzy hair. If your hair is greasy, than you can do what I do – and instead use it as:

9. Serum for damaged or split hair ends

Simply put a bit of oil on the ends, massage for a bit (warmth from your hair will help absorb the oil), and leave for a few hours. I would usually do it before going to bed, so I can wash it off in the morning.

10. Lip balm

You can also use coconut oil to replace your lip balm, especially if your lips have a tendency to chap. Put a little bit of oil on your finger and apply on your lips.

11. Massage oil

Coconut oil is a perfect choice for a massage for various of reasons. It helps moisturise the skin, prevents dryness and flaking, delays the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin as well as helps in treating various skin problems (like eczema or skin infections). You can add essential oils for additional benefits.

12. Bath oil

Add 1/4 of a cup to your bath to soothe your skin and relax. You can mix it with Epsom salt and essential oils for additional benefits.

13. Serum for nails

Coconut oil is perfect for nail treatment. Simply apply a bit of oil on your nails and on the skin around them. It nourishes and strengthens your nail and softens the skin.

14. Deodorant

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which kills odor-causing bacteria. Apply some oil under you armpits to stay fresh all day. And of course…

15. Cooking

Coconut oil is the best oil for cooking. While you can use virgin oil of olives of flaxseed oil for salads, if you need to cook with oil, you should never use them (they actually become unhealthy when heated). This is where coconut oil comes in. Some people complain about the delicate taste (and smell) of coconut that doesn’t go well with some foods. But it’s just the matter of getting used to. I currently cook only with coconut oil, be it for pancakes, vegetables or meat (even steaks!).

16. Digestion

Coconut oil is also believed to help with digestion. It helps in dealing with various bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can cause indigestion. If you feel heavy or suffer from constipation, take 1 spoon of coconut oil a day. A little precaution: I hate it. I know it’s good for you, but for me the taste of pure oil is horrible, so I don’t force myself. But try it out. Many of my friends find it manageable to drink it.

17. Weight loss

On top of helping with digestion, the fats in coconut oil help control appetite. Eating coconut oil helps decrease hunger, increase the body’s metabolic rate and fat burning – and so it can help you release access weight. The best part of eating coconut oil, is that rather than being stored as extra fat, your body uses it as a source of energy. That means eating coconut oil will not make you put on weight, but will keep you energized instead. * * * In Asia, you buy a liquid coconut oil, and the warm climate keeps it liquid. The moment you put it in the fridge, it becomes solid. I also noticed that back in Europe it’s rather hard to buy a liquid oil. I even chatted with my Mom, who told me you can only buy solid ones in Poland. But don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if it’s liquid or solid – it keeps all its benefits. It is always best to buy organic coconut oil (and always virgin, cold-pressed).

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