We got Femininity & Masculinity ALL WRONG

What does it mean to feminine? Or Masculine? And why are we boxed into one category? Why can’t we be both?

Personally, I previously believed that I am too Masculine, looking at other softer more feminine women and not feeling enough…I felt I needed to change and be more feminine. We are constantly being told we need to be more feminine…This is just not true.

We need to learn to understand these two energies and learn to accept ourselves, cultivating more self love.

If we look towards the four elements we can see how we may seem more feminine or masculine. The four elements are Earth, Water, Fire & Air. They all hold different characteristics. For example Fire holds our desires and passions and discipline…a fiery person may seem very masculine whereas an Airy person will look more feminine due to the free flowing nature of Air.

We all have these elements but we have one or two more dominant than another….and the combiniation of these can look feminine or masculine.

Watch the video to find out more!

* * *

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