What Makes A Woman Irresistible? We Asked 100 Men And Here is What They Said

I asked 100 men from all around the world one question: What, do you think, makes a woman irresistible. And here is what they had to say:

For me it’s a combination of Confidence and Honesty. When am woman is truly living honestly with her self and others, and doing it in a confident way, that is really powerful for me.

– Russell

The Irresistible woman is the kind of a woman who can take my breath away with just a smile, silence me with just a stare, encourage me with just a touch (at the right places please), inspire me with her actions.

– Maverick

What makes a woman Irresistible? The fact that she’s sexy and intellectual at same time! The Irresistible woman is the kind of a woman who knows how to have an intellectual conversation.

– Riccardo

The irresistible woman is the kind of a woman who exudes high confidence.

– KarFei

The irresistible woman is the kind of woman who… Understands how brilliant she is, and loves expecting a complement. For me an aware and conscious woman is sexy!! Great smile also helps!!!

– Ricardo

Makes me feel like anything is possible

– William Olivier

Who is feminine, aware of her strengths, absolutely confident with her weaknesses and is following her dreams

– Roman

The irresistible woman is the kind of woman who is smart, friendly, funny, has a nice smile and have a good heart.and takes care about herself.

– Eduardo

The Irresistible women is the kind of woman who follows her heart

– Dhoj

Who loves herself and has no need to prove anything
has no ego, therefore cannot be used
laughs about criticism cause she loves herself anyways
is not afraid to be in love and to be loyal

– Patrick

Smiles with her whole being.

– Darren

Loves herself

– Andrew

Charming and dont take live to serious

– Lincoln

The Irresistible woman is the kind of a woman whose touch makes you feel loved and cared for.

– Johnny

What makes a woman irresistible – intelligence

– Matt

…who allows herself to be vulnerable and isn’t afraid to display her true identity.

– Chema

The Irresistible woman is the kind of woman who emits an extra positive aura through her eyes and smile while having the curiosity to try and know everything (child side) and being responsible and independent (adult side).

– Varun

The Irresistible woman is the kind of a woman who impresses more through her words/ vocabulary/knowledge and kind behaviour than through makeup and accessories; a woman that draws attention through her femininity rather than through her ever shortening skirts.
Main thing: she must have intelligence and desire to grow – without this she will always be a one night stand in my eyes.
What makes a woman Irresistible: the confidence with which she can play with the same ease different roles in the complete spectrum of society: from casual, funny talks to classy, important events.

– Alexandru

To me, what makes a woman irresistible is her charm and the possibility that she’s beyond your reach.

– Charles

…is passionate about her dreams and curious about the world. She is ambitious and excited about discovering new parts of herself. She loves to keep her man delightfully surprised so that every day is a new adventure together.

– Tharyn

full acceptance of herself.

– Kent

Treats people with respect and cares for those who are close, has passions like music, is active, plays sports, is strong, knows her things, understands her value.

– Dawid

…… is beautiful, feminine, living with passion and has a style and all this is connected with natural charm, positive energy, intelligence and kind of mystery which you feel with each word she is saying and each move she is doing…:)

– Sebastien

The Irresistible woman is the kind of a woman who illuminates positivity, uses their talents for the good of the world and strives to be the best they can be, everyday x

– Ian

The irresistible women is the kind of woman who feels powerful and beautiful on the inside and has the independence and courage to make her dreams a reality

– Ash

The Irresistible woman is the kind of a woman who is very secure in who she is but still loves deep connection.

– Alex

And who is irresistible woman to you?

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    I was just thinking these very things. You read my mind! Good post. If you are an academic at heart and the your program will be paid for, or you need it for your career then go for it. Otieswhre its a waste of time and money. Years of youth wasted.

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