Why I ditched the BRA!

I was a big bra-believer. I’ve always had big breasts, so I tried to take extra care of them. I was so worried they could get saggy!

Seriously, I even signed up for the craziest treatment ever – that included some weird pump machine – just to make sure my breasts remain nice and round.

So I never even considered letting my bras go. That would be crazy!

And yet… It’s been 7 years since I stopped wearing them, and guess what – my boobies are perfectly fine :)

In this video I share my story of why I decided to ditch the bra and how I have felt without them:

And what about you love: bra or no bra? Let me know in the comments below what you think about wearing bras.


Your BraveBelle,

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  • Hari Har

    Reply Reply February 28, 2020

    Nature is beautiful and natural is ever loved

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