Why we feel DISAPPOINTED in relationships

Why is it that we feel used in relationships? Why do we so often feel that we give so much, but our partner doesn’t?

There is one specific thing we do to create a happy relationship that is actually ruining it. We don’t realize it, because we’ve always been told that’s what love is. But unfortunately it leaves you empty, drained and disappointed.

I am Polish and in our mentality a great woman is the one who sacrifices herself. But really, it’s not just my country… Men do the same. Because self-sacrfice has been elevated to one of the most honorable values. If we look at it from the historical point of view, one can’t be surprised. Over centuries of wars people needed to believe in a higher cause that was worth dying for. Otherwise it would be unbearable.

But what is a benefit of self-sacrifice today? Why do we still consider it a virtue? We live in times that are very different, when it’s absolutely safe and ok to take care of yourself. In fact, it’s needed.

So let’s stop focusing on how our partner is bad for not investing in a relationship. Let’s cut this pattern at its roots.

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