Women, own your “YES”. Men, stop challenging our “NO”

Women have not been empowered to express their desires, especially in their sexuality. Women do not own their “yes”, so their “no” has no strength. And men don’t respect it. We need to communicate better, this is the only way to get our needs met without causing abuse.

Both men and women use “NO” as a form of subtle manipulation…

Women may be too shy to say upfront what they want, so they act all innocent…

And men often don’t take the ‘no’ seriously; instead they challenge it.

It’s a dangerous dynamic. But how much are you aware of it in your own behaviour?

Open communication around our desires is one of the many tools I will be sharing with the lucky group of 8 couples at my luxury couples retreat, Love island. It’s happening on a tropical paradise-life island next spring.

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