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“If your blood test results return within the normal range in a week, I’ll quit medicine”

This is what my doctor said when I showed her my test results a few days ago. My alpha amylase was more than 3 times as high as the upper norm which meant there is something seriously wrong with my body. And yet when the time came, my results did return to its healthy level! (I hope she didn’t quit because of me ;p)

Let me start from the beginning.

Ever since I was a child I’ve had that feeling that everything is essentially the same – that it’s made from the same substance: the energy. Pretty strange for a kid especially if nobody else thought the same way. To add to it, imagine the late Soviet occupation years, when nobody was even allowed to think out of the set frames and anything related to religion was a big “no no” topic. When people asked me about God I would share my theory of energy… and yeah, you can imagine how they looked at me!

I was always sensitive to energy around me and in my hands and fortunately my Dad supported me. One day when he had a pretty bad headache he asked me to help him relieve it. I sat near him and put my hands next to where it hurt the most. For about 10 minutes I focused on removing the pain and when I opened my eyes I realised my Dad had totally switched off and stopped reacting to my voice. I had to shake him hard to wake him up. He told me he felt much better, relaxed and that the pain was gone! But since I was just little girl, I got scared and I decided never to play with energy again. But I guess if something is meant to happen, it will no matter what…

The time went ahead, I grew up and my life filled with many responsibilities. I was to too busy balancing my various roles to even think about energy work. But somewhere deep inside a part of me was always searching for something more. And from time to time life gave me little hints, directing me towards the thing I should learn: finding inner peace, balance and connection.
When I decided to start a family, I went back to reading about personal growth. By accident, I came across what eventually changed my life – Reiki.

When I started reading about Reiki, it suddenly clicked and I knew it was the thing I believed in when I was a kid. It all made sense; all the things I learned came together and I saw the big picture how everything actually compliments each other. I felt I found what I was looking for my whole life. I can see now that everything has its perfect timing. I needed to experience I had to be ready for Reiki.

If you’ve never heard of or tried Reiki, it’s the form of alternative medicine for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It was developed by a Japanese Buddhist in the beginning of 20th century, though the core idea has existed for many many years. Using their hands, a Reiki master channels the life force energy into your body. This energy is what keeps us alive, and if its flow is blocked you experience it as different health problems (the loss of the energy entirely can lead to death). I like the fact that even Bible mentions healing with hands.

So let’s come back to the present.

On Monday, I suddenly felt pain on the right side under my ribcage. I went to the doctor and made several blood tests. One indicator, alpha amylase, was 348 while the norm is between 20-100. It showed I had a serious inflammation of kidneys. She scheduled ultrasonography for the coming Saturday. But on Friday the pain got so bad I barely survived a day at work. The pain was too much for me, I couldn’t wait any longer so I decided to use Reiki on myself. I focused on my pain; let the hands flow to where I felt they wanted to go and mentally deep-dived into the painful area. After about half an hour I felt better and I could already move without the pain. And when I woke up on the Saturday morning, I felt like I’ve never had the pain at all!

When I went back to my doctor I repeated the blood tests. This time alpha amylase was 74 – almost 5 times lower and perfectly in the norm! She was shocked, and honestly, so was I. Though I always believed in energy work, seeing just how potent it is, made me realize what powerful tool it is and that I can help myself and others.

This experience was a humble reminder that we are all a part of something bigger and we can accomplish the things we’ve never imagined; even heal our souls and bodies. We all have busy lives but you need to decide for yourself what balance means to you. And never forget you can find someone who can guide you along the way, to help you.

Everyone can learn Reiki. Yes, there are some people who are more sensitive and they will learn it faster. But everyone has the must-haves to become Reiki practitioners and these are: belief, willingness, time to learn and practice, and a good guide who can teach you and do the attunement.

These days there is a whole structure around Reiki with many levels, and often – artificially created. But remember, Reiki is simple and intuitive and the same goes in finding a teacher – you should trust your feelings in picking one.
I split Reiki teaching in 3 levels:

  1. learning Reiki for yourself;
  2. learning Reiki to help others;
  3. guiding new people in this amazing journey.

Each of these levels requires a lot of practicing and working on yourself. The best way to learn Reiki is with a Reiki master who can meet you in person.
But as we live in a modern, connected world there is always an alternative of online learning. Occasionally I also take some students so feel free to reach out to me if interested.

Wishing you all a fruitful journey and having the stories to share similar to mine! And if you wish to contact me and share your thoughts I’ll be happy to receive your e-mail: bc [at]

Kaya Janson

Kaya Janson

Kaya Janson is one of the those woman who hugely values inner balance and she dedicates a lot of her time to understanding the reason we’re here on Earth. She has studied energy healing to feel more connected herself as well as help others. 
She is also a savvy business woman. She founded a consulting company and an eco-friendly baby brand BabyCarl. Think that her company offers meditation pillows filled with buckwheat hulls! Yep, Kaya is a true Brave Belle.

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